30 Min auricular acupuncture sessions to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain.  Improve digestion, sleep and overall sense of well being.

Tuesdays:  Community Yoga (830-930am)

                    Community Acupuncture (1000am-1200pm)

Aurora Strong Community Resilience Center

1298 Peoria St., Aurora, CO, 80011

Workshops & Private Instruction

Currently conducting private/small group instruction and workshops 

**Various locations

Remote/Wilderness Medicine & Acupuncture Acute Care

2017 TBA
Denver, Colorado

Santa Monica, CA

August 2017

Training for local Acupuncturist interested in disaster relief efforts with the Colorado Acupuncture Medical Reserve Corp.

2017 Teaching/Training Schedule & Humanitarian Efforts

December 12-14, 2016 
National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference- Speaking
Integrating Provider Resilience into EMS System and Community Resilience: A Rural EMS System's Experience
Washington DC

January 4-14, 2017 

Global Outreach Doctors - Deployment

Jordan- Souriyat Across Borders

February 25-16, 2017 

M-Test USA
Meridian Test Foundations Course
San Francisco, CA

April 25-29, 2017
Preparedness Summit 
Atlanta, GA

October 13-15, 2017 
M-Test USA
Meridian Test Foundations/Advanced Course
Barcelona, Spain

Humanitarian Acupuncture for Disaster Relief Education, Research & First Responder Clinics

Colorado Community Service Acupuncture Project

Calendar & Events

CAMRC 2017 Trainings

Grand Junction, CO 

August 12-13, 2017

CDOT Mesa Conference Room 606 S. 9th Street Grand Junction, CO 8150