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We're a unique acupuncture and oriental medical clinic dedicated to patient centered care.


ACupuncture & Oriental Medicine

We are committed to integrating the ancient practices and wisdom of traditional medicines in the modern world.   We focus our attention on YOU, as an individual, to achieve health, longevity, and to BE PreZENt.  We take a functional and natural approach in our treatments to address the root causes of physical, emotional, and mental, imbalances.  

We treat a full range of patients, from pediatrics to elderly, those suffering from chronic or debilitating pain, those struggling with psycho-emotional conditions, nutritional deficiencies and gut health, to athletes and weekend warriors rehabilitating from injury or seeking performance improvement. In addition, we provide services to First Responders (EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, Dispatch, ER) and Veterans suffering from pain, traumatic stress, PTSD, TBI, suicide and other conditions.  

Our therapies are designed to restore proper balance and function to your body and mind. While these can be highly successful at treating many of your health problems alone, they may also be used alongside your current conventional care.

We are an official First Responder & Veteran's Health Administration provider

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Dr. Steve Shomo, DAOM
Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

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